Collection: t h e s u b t l e b o d y ⊹ Collection II

◛◚ ongoing; new works emerging on a rolling basis ◚◛

The subtle body floats in and out of the boundaries of our skin. It lives in liminal realms, gently swaying as our attention and energy shifts. It gathers information from the expansive unseen realms and transmits them to our knowing minds. It is the conduit for what we need to know, when we need to know it. 

This concept is central to many eastern and western esoteric traditions including yogic, tantric, and Taoist teachings and practices, several schools of Hinduism and Buddhism, and modern Theosophical thought. Considered an “etheric body double,” subtle bodies are described as unique energy fields tethered to our physical bodies yet able to communicate with the great expansive realms beyond. 

Each of these talismanic works invokes awareness of one’s own subtle body through study of the physical form in water and space. Floating, we begin to imagine the body beyond its boundaries. Every piece is created with explicit intentions: to mirror the subtle bodies around it, thereby strengthening and empowering viewers’ innate sense of knowingness within themselves. 

What you need to know, when you need to know it. 

This is the long-form intent of these works: helping you develop powerful intuition and self-trust, and aiding in a powerful sense of release.

When you collect your piece, you will also receive instructions for a short but potent ritual to initiate connection between you and the sigil it contains. This will connect your subconscious to the work and increase its impact in your life. 


Collection is in process with Caitlin in her studio. Works released on ongoing basis through summer and fall 2022. 

15% of all proceeds from this Collection will be donated to The National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), a non-profit supporting 93 abortion funds throughout the US, allowing access to this critically important and politically threatened form of healthcare.