Collection: f e r n s t u d y ⊹ Collection III

◛◚ forthcoming in fall 2022 ◚◛


Pre-Christian lore from the Baltic region offers us the myth of the fern flower, a tale portending of happiness, fulfillment, pleasure and earthly riches bestowed on whomever is lucky enough to stumble upon the famously elusive bloom. 

It should be noted, of course, that ferns, while vascular in nature, produce no flowers. 

And therein the pathos lies: 

Is our quest for fulfillment, whether earthly or spiritual, in vain? 


Each of these talismanic works explores the delicate form of the fern and our metaphoric quest for its flower. A unique floral figure emerges in every piece, each its own enchantment for the viewer: These fern flowers offer daily insight into what stands between your desires and their realization. Peaceful, verdant, and lush, these works offer direct access to the energy you must clear and the energy you must cull in order to land in the verdant glen of fulfillment you seek. 

Your beliefs about what is possible for you are what's at stake. The quest is not in vain. 


Collection is in process with Caitlin in her studio. Works will be released in Fall 2022. 

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