Collection: e n e r g e t i c a ⊹ p o e t i c a

Art does not reproduce what we see;
rather, it makes us see.
― Paul Kloee

A collection of archival artist prints harnessing the healing power of color and prismatic geometries. Inspired by the Vedic Chakra system, chromotherapy, and the radiance of rainbows held within each ray of the sun, each of these abstract works brings color to the fore as a channel for emotional, mental, and physical attunement in your home, work, or healing spaces.

Arranged in mirrored hexagonal patterns, all e n e r g e t i c a ⊹ p o e t i c a prints invoke the power of 6 – a magical number that holds a special place in spiritual traditions, mythologies, and the natural world. Abrahamic religious lore suggests the earth was created in 6 days, and Kabbalistic traditions associate 6 with the Sephirah of Tiferet – a bridge between the upper and lower realms in the Tree of Life. Mathematically, 6 is considered a “perfect number” – its factors equal to itself when added together – and a manifestation of balance and unity. Snowflakes, organic molecules, insect eyes, quartz crystals, and columnar basalts are all hexagonal in form, displaying moments of balance and symmetry in the natural world. In Feng Shui the number 6 is considered lucky because it means “flow” in Chinese, and in numerology 6 represents heart energy and the power of love to heal all. The 6th House in western astrology is devoted to health and wellbeing through one’s routines, habits, and daily rituals. No matter the context, the number 6 weaves a complexly interconnected pattern of energetic balance and quiet attunement through our lives.

◛◚ ◚◛

Each of the e n e r g e t i c a ⊹ p o e t i c a prints is a talismanic work of vibrational medicine. These works create daily opportunities for energetic attunement through color and mirrored hexagonal forms, transmitting calm and heart-centered energy into the poetry of everyday lives and spaces.

Let your felt sense guide you in choosing your prints – your body will attune with the images it most desires for balance, unity, and healing.

When you collect your work, you will also receive instructions for a short but powerful ritual to initiate connection between you and the vibrational medicine your artwork contains. This will connect your subconscious to the work and increase its impact in your life. 

◚◛ ◛◚