Collection: e a r t h ⊹ s p e a k

We can find nature outside us
only if we have first learned to know her
within us.
 ― Rudolf Steiner

A collection of unique artist prints that capture the majesty and mystery of our natural world. From vast vistas to intimate portraits of small moments, these images play with focus, scope, and the dream-like qualities of vintage cameras to mirror energetic exchanges between the human and more-than-human realms. Through them, the earth speaks. They tell a story not only of the many shades of our life-giving planet, but of the connections between us and the natural systems that define our existence.

◛◚ ◚◛

Each of these talismanic works were lovingly created with the intention of rekindling a sense of curiosity and gratitude for our time here on earth. When you encounter them, whatever comes up for you is the first nudge towards a place of deeper witnessing of the landscapes in your life. Our survival depends on their survival, our delight on their delight, and our future on their future.

Choose wisely, and with attunement – the right work will find you.

◚◛ ◛◚